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Members Only Portal

Login to the Members Only Area to ensure that we have your current contact information so we can keep you informed of news and events! While you are updating your contact information, please take a few minutes to also complete your membership profile.

Membership Term

Your membership term is valid for one calendar year from joining or renewing. In order to receive membership benefits, your annual membership dues must be paid in full. In order to serve in a leadership

General Information

Members are responsible for notifying the AMPs office of any change in employment or contact information.

AMPs Membership Categories

  • Planner: Individuals employed or residing in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area who are engaged in the management and planning of meetings for trade, professional, technical, educational, philanthropic or similar type voluntary membership organizations, or as a corporate meeting planner.
  • Student: Student must submit a transcript to the AMPs office for verification purposes. Applications for membership will not be processed until a printed copy of the transcript has been submitted. Student must be currently enrolled in a hospitality course/class in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and have earned a total of at least 9 cumulative hours. Student membership includes the same benefits as Industry Partner members, however, student members are not allowed to vote. Student is allowed to participate as a committee member, but is not allowed to serve as a committee chair or co-chair, or on the Board of Directors.
  • Industry Partner: Company or facility that provides services to the meeting profession. Industry Partners shall designate one individual to serve as the delegate for the company. A second membership of the same organization may join AMPs by joining in conjunction with a new Planner Member and provided that the 50/50 membership ratio of planners to suppliers remains intact.

Planner Membership is linked to the individual for the membership term. Industry Partner Membership is linked to the individual for the membership term.

As a result of the bylaws change passed by the membership on September 17, 2019, all Supplier Allied and Supplier Associate memberships have been combined to Industry Partner.